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Social Event


Though wedding is our specialization, we offer event management services for events other than that. On requests from our clients, we decided to diversify our services for occasions other than weddings. So, apart from marriage events, we also host:

  • Housewarming
  • Family Get-Together
  • Friends Reunions
  • School Fests

We organize both big and small parties, starting right from making guest list to wrapping. Our planners work with you in the most cooperative manner possible so that the affair ends as a mirrored image of what you had in your mind. We take care of the venue selection, decoration, refreshments, make-up and entertainment programs to ensure that you can attend to the guests and do the honor while we manage the scenario behind the screen.

To make every joyous moment of the event freeze in time, we offer professional photography and videography services to record the ceremony.

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